Windsor and Maidenhead signs up to UNIT4

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has signed up to UNIT4 financial
software to ensure its books are more open and transparent.

The borough is the first UK authority to publish open linked data. This
method allows a business to connect related information such as timesheets,
expenses and planning requests, via the internet.

An example of this is mobile phone contracts. Linked information allows users
and buyers to compare and understand spending decisions. Rather than only seeing
the contracts by each council, linked data makes it possible to view the
previous contract details as well as other council contract details. If one
council had a more favourable mobile contract than another the linked
information would highlight this.

From April 2010 all local councils will have to reveal details of supplier
spending which is more than £500. This information will need to be published to
the internet by January 2011.

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