Ernst & Young to hire non-executives

Ernst & Young will appoint non-executive directors to help oversee its
global operations it announced today.

Jim Turley, the firm’s global chief executive, said that the firm would
extend the UK’s Audit Firm Governance Code framework to its business globally.

“Although the code technically applies only to our UK business, as a globally
integrated organisation we believe it is most appropriate for us to implement
the code’s provisions on a global basis also,” said Turley.

Scott Halliday, E&Y’s managing partner for the UK & Ireland, said
NEDs would be appointed at a global level.

The NEDs would then be asked to join the firm’s global advisory council, the
main governance body overseeing E&Y’s strategic decisions, important
appointments and all public interest aspects of our decision making.

Ernst & Young’s 2010 global transparency report, to be issued in
September, will include all disclosures required by the governance code, the
firm added.

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