Taxman spends £370,000 sponsoring Channel Five SME show

The taxman is spending £370,000 sponsoring a TV show aimed at the 4.7m UK
businesses which form the bedrock of the UK economy.

HM Revenue & Customs is backing Channel Five’s “The Business Inspector”
programme, a troubleshooting series transforming failing small companies,
in a bid to encourage good-record keeping and close the tax gap.

£6bn is lost from the Exchequer each year because of failure to take proper
care in record-keeping and the bulk of that is through SME errors, an HMRC
spokesman said.

The show, airing on 10 March, will be presented by self-made haulage
millionaire Hilary Devey who will tackle two struggling small British businesses
each week.

The businesses featured will include one man bands, kitchen table
entrepreneurs and struggling businesses run by talented individuals.

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