Accountant, wife and mistress caught in property court battle

A millionaire accountant is caught up in a legal battle over his string of
properties with his mistress and his wife.

Both Patricia Rust and Virginia Madden have laid claim to part of the £3.2m
property estate of Peter Rust, after the accountant was taken to court by a
former client attempting to retrieve £950,000.

David Bampton is trying to enforce the judgement against Mr Rust by making
him sell some of his properties. But both Mrs Rust and Madden claim they are
entitled to a share of the value of the properties, reports the

Mrs Rust, who stood by her husband when he was jailed and later acquitted for
money laundering, is claiming a 50% interest in the value of her home and six
other properties while Madden has her name on a series of properties bought
using the joint funds of the Rusts.

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