Cameron ahead in Incisive poll of polls

Polling of readers of five Incisive Media publications, publishers of
Accountancy Age, saw David Cameron win four with Gordon Brown taking
just a single poll.

The survey asked readers who won the last Prime Ministerial debate on the
Economy last week.

Accountancy Age readers placed Cameron on 42%, Brown second on 31%
and Clegg lagging behind on third on 28%.

The other publications in the polling were Post (for the insurance
industry), IFAonline (for financial advisers), Broking (for
insurance brokers) and Risk (for risk managers).

Only Risk readers gave the debate to Brown who won 40%, followed by
Cameron on 34% and Clegg on 26%.

Cameron’s biggest lead came from the readers of Post which the Tory
leader 59% with Clegg second on 30% and Brown way behind on 11%.

Readers of IFAonline provided the most support for Clegg. Cameron
still won their poll on 47%, but Clegg came a close second on 41% leaving Brown
to trail on just 12%.

David Worsfold, group editorial director at Incisive, said: “Accountants
appear to approve of Brown slightly more than the national average. No doubt his
record as Chancellor and the obvious grasp of the complexities of the tax system
– his slip on inheritance tax notwithstanding – struck a chord with many

“The support shown for Gordon Brown by the readers of owes much to
the international nature of the site. Brown has a lot of respect for his
response to the global crisis and his pledge to co-ordinate regulatory reform
globally will have gone down well with this community.

“Of course, what you cannot untangle from polls like this is how many people
are voting purely on the basis of the performance of the three leaders in the
final debate and how many are voting along party lines. There is probably a
mixture of both and that being so shows that the sector as whole remains
strongly Conservative but that the Nick Clegg phenomenon and the rise of the
Liberal Democrats has also reached into financial services.”

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