Accountants offered big pay rises to stay put

Accountants who resign are being offered up to 20% pay rises to stay put,
according to research from specialist recruiter WH Marks Sattin.

The proportion of quitting accountants offered more money to stay where they
are has also increased to five out of 10, while in London that figure has risen
to seven. The rate of counter offers in London has seen a big leap after figures
for 2008 which showed the rate was only five out of 10 while last year the rise
was just one in 10.

Marks Sattin managing director Dave Way said: “Companies have not been
managing staff expectations around salary rises properly and that’s led to a
surge in counter offering.

“This has all been driven by the salary-freezes last year. Now the market is
more bouyant, accountants across the country are looking for salary increases.

“Nothing wrong in that, but many people have been trying to negotiate a
salary increase this year, factoring in the increase they feel they missed out
on last year, in addition to the rise they would normally expect.”

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