HMRC vs five-a-side industry on VAT issues

The taxman may be probing how the five-a-side football industry pays VAT,
which has led to suggestions the market leader is in talks with the department
to ensure that it is compliant.

Goals Soccer Centres, which runs 37 outlets across the UK and already pays
VAT on some of the services it provides, has said that HM Revenue & Customs
is investigating the industry.

A spokesman for Goals Soccer Centres told the
: “HMRC is looking at whether individual companies are applying the
VAT rules correctly.

“It may be the case that some are not complying with the VAT rules, however,
we consider Goals Soccer Centres fully compliant with the VAT regulations.”

An HMRC spokesman responded to the Daily Telegraph: “Because of our statutory
duty of confidentiality, we can’t comment on an individual business’s tax

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