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Mortgage brokers Bradford & Bingley has moved to CODA Financials, the
accountancy software suppliers, in a bid to save the company money.

A statement by B&B it said it had “decided to move to a move cost
effective operating platform for its accounting systems” while still maintaining
“service standards”.

B&B sold its retail network to Spanish bank Santander last year and its
mortgage division and head-office was taken into public ownership by the
government in 2008.

Tyrone Griffiths, project manager for Bradford & Bingley, said: “These
are challenging times for the financial services industry and we needed a
best-in-class financial management solution that had a proven track record in
our sector, on our chosen platform and was quick and easy to implement.

“Cost effectiveness was a key driver in our selection as we wanted to move
our accounting applications from our previous mainframe environment onto a much
more cost effective platform that could seamlessly integrate with our other
line-of-business applications,” he added.

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