Big Four lag behind consulting rivals on thought leadership

The Big Four accounting firms lag behind other top consultancies in terms of
how they regarded as thought leaders.

A survey by found that McKinsey, Booz, IBM and Bain
are the top four regarded for how they differentiate themselves from other
consultancies, and the depth of their research.

Deloitte came fifth in the research, while PwC were sixth; E&Y 13th; and
KPMG 17th.

Fiona Czerniawska, joint managing director of said:
“Thought leadership is a complex and crowded area. Done well it can really
strengthen a consulting firm’s brand, and done badly it can actually be quite

“What surprises me most is the huge variety in quality of output within a
single firm, with some firms producing a high volume of material which is nearly
all very poor.”

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