Former Deloitte student admits £8k bill from online gambling

A Deloitte trainee who used a company credit card to rack up more than £8,000
in debt from online gambling on a work laptop has been severely reprimanded by
the ICAEW.

Umar Qureshi, a former student at Deloitte, admitted breaching an £8,000
limit on a credit card issued by the firm by using an online gambling website on
a Deloitte laptop between October and November 2008.

He admitted the findings heard at the ICAEW tribunal, including misleading
his employers by telling the firm that the transactions were fraudulent.

In mitigation, Qureshi said he had suffered depression after his father’s
death, and had sought help from his GP, attended Gambling Anonymous and had
sessions with a counselor. The money owed to Deloitte, £8,800, had been paid off
by a family member.

The tribunal ordered that the defendant cease to be a provisional member and
be ineligible for re-registration for six months, and that he be severely

Deloitte had terminated his contract in January 2009 after an internal

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