One month left on tax agents consultation warns HMRC

There is one month left to respond to HM Revenue and Customs’ consultation
Working with Tax Agents.

The consultation, launched at the Pre-Budget Report on 9 December last year,
closes on 3 March, HMRevenue and Customs reminded advisers today.

HMRC wants to provide greater disclosure to professional bodies where there
is evidence of members’ poor technical performance or unprofessional conduct.

The department also wants to beef up its ability to tackle “deliberate
wrongdoing” by tax agents, by having access to working papers, a tax geared
penalty and greater publicity.

HMRC also wants to target high volume agents who make large numbers of claims
that have little or no merit.

Dave Hartnett, HMRC Permanent Secretary for Tax, said:

“We think there is a clear case for powers that are carefully focused on the
small minority of agents whose approach to their work brings the profession as a
whole into disrepute.

“If taxpayers are to get the standard of service they deserve we have to work
with agents in an open and positive atmosphere. This consultation is about
achieving that. We are interested to hear your views.”

Responses can be sent to:, or

HMRC Review of Powers: Room 1/72, 100 Parliament Street, London SW1A 2BQ.

Read the
full consultation here

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