Business groups want “smart taxation” from coalition

Business representatives have endorsed the new government formed by David
Cameron and Nick Clegg but urged the coalition to shape the tax framework in a
way which allows commerce to flourish.

The Forum of Private Business warned securing the UK’s reputation as a good
place to do business would mean bringing Britain’s finances under control.

“That will mean a combination of smart taxation and smarter cuts to public

FPB chief executive Phil Orford added: “There’s no doubt that the past week
has been an anxious and worrying time for small business owners.

“Smaller firms urgently need some degree of certainty so they can begin to
plan for the future.

Richard Lambert, CBI Director-General described the coalition as welcome

However, he added that businesses wanted a stable government with the
authority to take the tough decisions required to keep the economic recovery on
track and to get a grip on the fiscal deficit.

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