New Sage product to help accountants file clients’ accounts

Sage, the financial software company, launched Sage Group Consolidation
(SGC), a technology aimed specifically at accountants in practice.

SGC will help firms compile company accounts for businesses which need to
file at Companies House.

The software works by consolidating financial information from various
programmes into a spreadsheet like tool called “Scratchpad”.

The product was created in response to changes to the 2006 Companies Act,
which mandated all medium-sized businesses would need to file group accounts at
Companies House online. The changes were implemented at the end of last year.

The process of compiling information can be complicated as accountants need
to pull togethether information from numerous terrorities, currencies and

Sage, the FTSE 100 company, worked closely with large accountancy firms to
develop the software.

“Throughout the development of SGC, Sage was very receptive to our feedback
and as a result they have been able to create software that delivers real value
for accountants,” said Pavanjeet Bagri, audit and accounts specialist at Top 20
firm Haines Watts which worked with Sage to develop the technology.

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