CIMA slams shortfall of qualified accountants in government

One of the UK’s leading accounting institutes has called on the government to
address the “long standing” shortfall of qualified finance experts in the public

CIMA published its report
Public Sector Performance Management: Making Fiscal Consolidation
, outlining the need for the British government to address
long standing deficiencies from its qualified finance personnel.

Charles Tilley, CIMA CEO and author of the report, said: “The coalition
government has made great strides in striving to tackle the public deficit.

“However, the government must look to address the shortages of qualified
finance experts who can strip out costs and ensure better value for money. The
current crisis forces us to reassess what the public sector is for and how it
might be redesigned.”

Some of CIMA’s recommendations from the report include using the economic
crisis as an opportunity for smarter fiscal consolidation, and ensuring the
public sector learn from the private markets.

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