Don’t ditch sustainability says Izza


Michael Izza, the ICAEW’s chief executive has urged the accountancy profession that “now is not time to ditch sustainability initiatives”.

At a business summit earlier today Izza called on the profession to “lead and push forward” the sustainability agenda which will not have a detrimental effect on profit margins.

Izza said: “We believe that embracing sustainability is quite simply about doing better business and building resilience into the new business model, which will deliver value to shareholders whilst meeting the changing needs of people and the planet.

“The accountancy profession has a big role to play here as both advisers to business, finance directors and chief executives in stewarding their businesses and driving forward a new sustainable strategic direction.”

Izza’s call comes alongside advisers voicing concerns that standard setters at the IASB will shelve its sustainability agenda as it prioritises convergence efforts with the US.

Izza was speaking at the National Business Awards Summit where the ICAEW sponsors the corporate responsibility and sustainability award.

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