Accountancy Age readers back Tories on tax and economy

Readers of Accountancy Age have given the conservatives a boost by
backing the party on their tax and economic policies.

Online readers were polled yesterday, the last day of campaigning before the
country went to the polls. The Tory party received 42% of the readers’ votes as
having the preferred policy on tax and the economy. As in most other polls this
week the Liberal Democrats came in second with 32%, and Labour trailed with 26%
of the vote.

More than 300 people part in the survey. National polling yesterday gave the
Conservatives the lead but with a big question mark over whether they had done
enough to secure a majority. Indeed the polls suggested the Tories would form
the largest party but fall far short of the 326 seats needed in the commons to
form a government.

Polling yesterday gave the Tories between 35% and 35%. Surveys also seemed to
suggest that Labour was edging into second place with 28%-29% and the Lib Dems
on 26%-28%.

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