Iris launches online bookkeeping product for firms’ clients

One of the largest accountancy software providers, Iris, has launched an
online bookkeeping product accountancy firms can sell to its SME clients.

Iris OpenBooks was launched today and allows accountantcy firms to receive
real-time information on its client’s financial position by allowing access to
information through the internet.

The new software costs approximately £15 per client per month and can be
bought as a standalone product today. However, it will take a further 30 days to
be fully integrated with existing on-premise Iris technology.

Phill Robinson managing director of Iris accountancy practice solutions,
said: “Bookkeeping software is used by many small businesses, but is often
difficult to use or shrouded in jargon. Others may be stuck using spreadsheets.

“IRIS OpenBooks is a no-nonsense easy to use, jargon free web-based solution
that is designed to help small businesses get control of their finances, whilst
also giving the same real-time picture to their accountant.”

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