Six out of ten FTSE leaders are accountants

More than twice the number of accountants hold chairman or CEO roles in
FTSE100 companies than in the mid 1990s.

Some 58% of FTSE100 chairmen and CEOs have an accountancy or finance
background, compared to 24% in the mid 1990s.

Fully qualified accountants represent 40% of the top leaders, according to
research by Marks Sattin.

“Of course accountants have always been best placed to contribute on fiscal
matters, and the recessionary environment has made that more important, but it
is their strategic insight which is most sought-after now,” said
Marks Sattin
managing director Dave Way.

“Technology has freed them to focus on management issues, with four times
growth in the accounting software market from 1997 to 2010 changing the way
accounts are kept.”

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