David Miliband supports an increase in Scottish tax powers

Former foreign secretary David Miliband has backed calls for Scotland to
receive increased tax powers.

Miliband, the favourite to become the Labour party’s next leader, supported
plans for Scottish ministers to receive increased control on its country’s
income tax the Daily Telegraph

“I’ve always believed that the redistribution of power, as well as the
redistribution of wealth and opportunity, is an important part of Labour’s
message,” said Miliband.

“I see the growing strength of devolution as being a complement to a
genuinely United Kingdom,” he added.

The suggestion to increase Scotland’s responsibility for income tax was made
by the Calman Commission. It also proposed Holyrood should have greater powers
over air guns, drink-drive limits and speed restrictions.

Miliband made the comments in Scottish Parliament days before a hustings in
Glasgow, involving five Labour candidates.

The Labour party won 41 out of 59 seats in Scotland.

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