Readers turn against hung parliament

Nick Clegg

Accountancy Age readers have emphatically turned against a hung
parliament with almost two thirds rejected the possibility as a preferred
outcome of the General Election.

However, almost one third of readers said a hung parliament was the option
they would like to see.

Asked if they would prefer a hung parliament 65% of 365 readers polled said
they did not want a hung parliament while 28% said they preferred it. 23% said a
hung parliament it made no difference.

The poll, conducted before last night’s Prime Ministerial debate on ITV,
suggests that most accountants wish to see an outright winner from the election.

Instant polls carried out as the debate finished saw Liberal Democrat leader
Nick Clegg declared the winner.

Previous polls of Accountancy Age readers revealed that Lib Dem shadow
chancellor Vince Cable was the favourite option taking over the Treasury.

There has been much debate in the press about the merits of a hung parliament
as polls showed that the gap between the main parties was narrowing.

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