Lehman creditors seek documents from auditor

A group of unsecured creditors is seeking permission to demands documents
from Ernst & Young, the auditor of collapsed investment bank giant Lehman

An official body representing the creditors, including Bank of New York
Mellon and MetLife, is asking the judge dealing with the collapse of Lehman to
allow it to ask for paperwork from the auditor, according to the

The request follows publication of a report from the court appointed
bankrupctcy examiner, Anton Valukas, that accused Lehman of using the accounting
treatment of so-called Repo 105 transaction to hide risky assets and critcised
the auditor for its role as “negligent”.

The creditors reportedly want to know the precise nature of “relations”
between the bank and the auditor and they also want details of internal
discussions at E&Y about the bank.

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