Only 1,500 declare under health tax amnesty

Only 1,500 doctors and dentists have applied to enter the taxman’s scheme to
declare £9m of untaxed income.

The taxman believes there are a potential 28,500 GPs, dentists and health
professionals who have undeclared earnings. The deadline for the Tax Health Plan
expired on 30 June, and provides a set 10% penalty in return for disclosure.

“We are surprised at the lack of response and those wanting to bypass the
threat of prosecution should come forward immediately,” said RSM Tenon tax
director and CIoT’s taxes management committee chairman Gary Ashford.

“This is the first of HMRC’s sector focused schemes so we imagine the next
one may look a little different to try to increase its effectiveness,” he added.

The highest value disclosure so far is in excess of £1m by a doctor, and more
than £300,000 from a dentist.

“We are very happy with the response to the campaign,” said an HMRC

“We didn’t have a target in mind but nonetheless the campaign has resulted in
millions of pounds of tax that might otherwise have been lost being paid to HMRC
as required by law.

“Anyone who has been evading tax should talk to us as a matter of urgency as
voluntary disclosure always makes financial sense.”

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