Casey hits the bunker about Ryder Cup tax planning

Paul Casey

The taxman will score a bogey if foreign golfers are forced to pay tax by
playing in the Celtic Manor-based Ryder Cup in a couple of months.

UK golfer Paul Casey said that it would be “mad” if the golfers representing
the US and Europe had to pay tax on a portion of other income – despite not
being paid to play in the Ryder Cup, reported the

It is understood that the European tour is in discussions with HM Revenue
& Customs about the matter, believing it should have the same exempt status
afforded to the upcoming London Olympics.

Arizona-based Casey said he has been warned by his accountant that he could
be liable for the tax.

“I will always go back because it’s home, but I fear it will keep people
away. I do think about it, I’m not a huge fan of paying through the nose for
something,” he told the paper.

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