50p tax rate kicks off today

The 50p top rate of tax comes into force from today.

Britain’s best paid workers will have to give up 50p in the pound for any
income over a threshold of £150,000.

The introduction of the new rate forms
of government moves to slash the UK’s spending deficit,
which stands at
close to £170bn.

The banking industry suffered a double whammy with the payroll tax on
bonuses, however the feared exodus of high-net worth individuals in the wake of
these changes did not materialise.

A court ruling on a residency dispute involving tycoon Robert Gaines-Cooper
which saw judges side with HMRevenue & Customs
doubts in the minds of those considering a move to another tax jurisdiction,
advisers said

The Treasury is now considering
statutory residence test
, another development which may have also deterred
rich individuals wanting to continue working in London from relocating overseas.

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