Committee slams BBC’s transparency

The BBC should be subject to tougher audits in line with other government
departments, according to a parliamentary committee which criticised the
broadcaster for its poor transparency.

The Pubic Accounts Committee today issued a scathing report which criticised
the BBC’s track record of committing public money without a full analysis of
costs, its reluctance to apply value for money considerations to editorial
decisions and the broadcater’s “mixed record” of seeking and applying lessons
that could improve value for money.

“The BBC’s editorial independence…does not absolve it from responsibility
to deliver value for money” the report stated.

“With that freedom goes the responsibility to make sure there is strong
financial control.”

The report recommends the comptroller and auditor general receive expanded
powers to delve into the BBC’s accounts similar to their existing powers to look
into government departments.

At present the BBC Trust has the final say on what subjects the comptroller
and auditor general examine.

Read the full report:
of value for money at the BBC

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