Vantis uncovers $6bn Stanford black hole

Allen Stanford

Vantis receiver Nigel Hamilton-Smith has uncovered a $6bn (£3.9bn) black hole
in the remains of Stanford International Bank.

The financial institution, owned by cricket-loving tycoon Allen Stanford went
into receivership last year after its operations were exposed by the financial

Hamilton-Smith, head of corporate restructuring at Vantis Business Recovery
: “There is meant to be funds from the sale of certificates of deposits
worth $7.3bn. However, the only assets existing are worth between $500m and
$700m creating this $6bn hole in Stanford International Bank.”

Vantis has also suffered as a result of taking on the receivership. The firm
received a going concern warning from its auditors Ernst & Young because of
uncertainty about whether it would receive money owed from its work at Stanford.

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