Firm awards six-figure deal to virtualise data

South Wales accountancy firm Broomfield & Alexander has signed a deal
worth six figures to virtualise its servers.

The two-year deal with Certus IT includes consolidating the firm’s servers
into a “virtual” server which will reduce the number of physical machines needed
by the business, and lower its energy consumption.

Paul Brown, business development director at Certus IT said: “With fewer
physical servers, Broomfield & Alexander has reduced its carbon emissions
while delivering significant cost savings in excess of 80% on its total energy
bills due to reduced power requirements for the server room.”

Broomfield & Alexander recently announced a merger with Swansea based
accountancy practice Griffith and Miles. The combined firms now employ 90 people
providing financial and commercial advise to a range of business including Penn
Pharmaceutical, OPCO, Palmer Environmental and Biotec.

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