Gaines-Cooper wins right to residency appeal

ROBERT GAINES-COOPER, the Seychelles-based tycoon, has won the right to challenge the Taxman in the Supreme Court after being hit with a £30m tax bill because he was judged to be resident in the UK.

Gaines-Cooper is continuing his fight with the Taxman despite being shot down earlier this year in a judicial review.

Residency rules have become a bone of contention because HM Revenue & Customs decided to go outside the 90-day test in judging whether Gaines-Cooper had abided by the laws.

The outcome of the long-running case will be keenly awaited.

The government has already broached the subject of a statutory residency rule after Gaines-Cooper lost the judicial review.

HM Revenue & Customs hit the non-resident milllionaire with the £30m backdated demand on the grounds that Gaines-Cooper still had strong links with the UK, including real estate and visits to Ascot and other events in the British social season.

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