Connolly hopes Deloitte will overtake PwC next year

Deloitte CEO and senior partner John Connolly believes the business will
overtake PwC as the largest global firm before he steps down next year.

Connolly added he hoped Deloitte would also overtake PwC in the UK, adding ”
we’ll see what happens”.

He has two main priorities outside of his usual CEO duties, before he steps
down on 31 May next year. He hopes to hand over the business in good shape to
the new leadership team so they have no immediate concerns to deal with. He also
highlighted the importance of ensuring an “impeccable” transition in the

Although revenues declined £16m in the last year Connolly claimed the firm
would “easily” get back to £2bn in revenues before he leaves.

Connolly said in 2006 he would grow the firm’s revenues to £2bn in two years
which he achieved in 2008.

He said the current plan was to get the business to £3bn in the next three to
four years.

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