Iris announce Invu partnership

Invu, the document management company, has teamed up with accountancy
software providers, Iris to provide an integrated software package to the
accountancy market.

The Invu product, aimed specifically at accountants, will now form part of
the Iris Accountancy Practice Solutions.

“Over 500 accountancy practices have already enjoyed the benefits of using
Invu Document Management. Invu has an excellent pedigree with accountants
working closely with IRIS will strengthen this,” said Invu CEO Collin Gallick.

Iris currently supply approximately 14,000 accountancy firms with their
practice products used by 20 of the Top 50 firms.

“We believe that the combination of IRIS with Invu for accountants will
deliver significant incremental business benefit for each of them,” said Phill
Robinson, MD, IRIS accountancy practice division.

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