Former McAlpine execs ordered to pay up

The three former senior executives of Alfred McAlpine Slate, who were jailed
last September, were yesterday ordered to pay almost £250,000 in compensation.

The following orders made were made:

Christopher John Law: £186,914.69. He has nine months to pay and will serve
an additional 18 months if he fails to do so.

Geraint Roberts: £17,899.58. He has three months to pay and will serve an
additional six months if he fails to do so.

Paul Michael Harvey: £38,685.19. He has six months to pay and will serve an
additional nine months if he fails to so do.

The executives were found guilty of overstating the company’s production and
sales accounts. Over several years they collaborated to falsify the invoicing,
management accounts and audited accounts of Alfred McAlpine Slate (known as
Welsh Slate).

Around 44%, or more than £10m, of Alfred McAlpine’s reported debtors were
fiction. Customer letters were created to give impression that debtors’ payments
were in the pipeline, and delivery notes and transportation invoices for
non-existent consignments were forged.

Law, managing director, Roberts, operations director and Harvey, sales chief,
were sentenced to two and a half years, 16 months and 10 months at Caernarfon
Crown Court.

Welsh Slate was sold by McAlpine in December 2007 and continues to trade
under new management.

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