Para-auditors prepare for action

Auditors will be parachuted into “active combat zones” under a new strategy
by the Ministry of Defence to get its books into shape.

The MOD, repeatedly slated for its poor book keeping, is undertaking an audit
of its battle units, including hardware currently in active service in theatres
of war.

In the early hours of April 1, a team of seven accountants, including one
22-year-old first year graduate, was dropped into Helmand province yesterday,
where they joined the Artillery units fighting insurgents in the district.

Another group of five is expected to link up with a light infantry unit on

An MOD spokesman said the mission was a “dangerous but necessary” exercise to
audit, catalogue and inventory the MOD’s vast collection of assets.

“They won’t be in harms way for most of the operation, however we have
equipped them with bullet proof casio calculators, just in case,” he said.

Frontline soldier, Private Been Counta, said he welcomed the extra support.

“I try and keep count of my bullets, but now, with an auditor by my side, it
shouldn’t be so much of a problem,” he said.

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