Half of accountants looking for a new job

Half of accountants are actively looking to move jobs, while three quarters
will be job hunting by spring, according to a new survey.

The research from of over 600
accountants, found that half of their respondents wanted to leave their current
roles, with the figure set to rise to three-quarters over the next six to twelve

Nearly two thirds are networking at least twice a week, with half doing it
specifically to find a new job. The study also found that eight out of ten would
be happy to move abroad to find the right role.

“Employers need to be aware that the market is improving,” said director Max Williamson.

“They can’t assume that staff are unlikely to leave them simply because there
aren’t enough opportunities to do so. Even if employers are unable to provide a
clear view of promotion for their staff, they should consider whether they are
doing enough to provide other types of development, through regular mentoring,
access to training courses and varying work content through special projects.”

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