Budget date announced as 24 March

Gordon Brown has announced the Budget will be in two weeks on Wednesday 24

The Budget will be six weeks ahead of the expected general election penned
for 6 May the BBC reported.

Chancellor Alistair Darling said he was “absolutely committed” to reduce the
UK’s deficit and to reduce borrowing from its forecast peak of £178bn this year

Prime minister Gordon Brown, in a speech in London this morning, said the
Budget will be used to outline public sector effiency savings.

“We will set out in more detail…how we deliver on our commitment to restore
the public finances while protecting the fundamental public services that we all
depend on,” said Brown.

He talked of “forcing all government departments to make real and lasting
efficiency savings” and of extending the pay freeze to include senior civil
servants, generals, judges, NHS managers and consultants, GPs and dentists.

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