Former ICAEW members win re-admittance appeal

Two former
members have won an appeal to be reinstated with the institute.

Adrian and Monica Bond, of Canary Wharf, appealed successfully to the ICAEW’s
appeal committee panel to be reinstated after an earlier ruling against them.

They had previously been fined and reprimanded by the institute for
disciplinary offences, but the offences were not deemed serious enough to eject
them from the institute. But, in paying their fines and costs over monthly
periods, one payment was late by six days and both had their memberships
automatically removed.

In re-applying for membership, the institute found their previous conduct
showed them as not fit and proper in terms of re-admittance.

However, the appeal committee ruled that more leeway should have been
provided to them relating to the late payment, and that their previous offences
had – at the time – not been viewed as offences warranting membership removal.

On treating previous disciplinary decisions against the Bonds as reason to
prevent them from regaining their membership, the appeal committee described the
ICAEW re-admissions sub-committee’s conclusion as “illogical and unjustified”.

“It is tantamount to making the impermissible error of punishing twice for
the same offence,” stated the appeal committee.

Read the ruling

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