Staff give HMRC managers a roasting

It’s no secret accountants have many complaints about the taxman – but HMRC’s
own employees appear to have even more gripes.

According to an HMRC document leaked this week to dissident ICAEW member Ken
Frost – People Survey: HMRC Results, from February 2010 – its workers aren’t a
happy bunch. Only 18% say they are proud to work for the department and just 14%
would recommend working for it. Just 13% of those surveyed agreed that “as a
whole HMRC is managed well”, with 12% agreeing they “have confidence in the
decisions made by HMRC’s senior managers”.

HMRC doesn’t fare any better against other government organisations, ranking
95th out of 96 Civil Service organisations participating in the survey when
comparing leadership and change management criteria. The department also ranked
bottom for inspiring employees to do the best in their jobs and motivating them
to achieve their objectives. The survey, which collated the responses of 53,279
employees (64% of its workforce), is sure to embarrass the tax authorities.

However, CEO Lesley Strathie, believed there were plenty of reasons to be
cheerful. “More than 53,000 people responded, more than last year’s pilot
survey, and…I am pleased to see a big rise in the number of people who find
their work both interesting – 73% – and challenging – 59%,” she said.

“People across our department clearly value their colleagues and know they
will support them. These results are a tribute to the hard work and dedication
of many of our managers.”

However, she admitted that in some areas “we clearly have a considerable way
to go,” adding: “The survey raises a number of significant issues around the way
leadership is viewed within the department.”

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