Tough times set to continue, admits HMRC boss

The taxman’s chief executive has told staff to brace themselves for a torrid
time in the near future as the department has to weather staff cuts and keep the
UK’s coffers topped up as the government looks to slash public spending.

Lesley Strathie’s comments, were leaked on a blog written by
accountant Ken

“It is important to be realistic and honest about the challenges we face.
Things will not get any easier over the coming months,” said Strathie.

Strathie’s warning comes in the wake of a staff survey in which HMRC workers
said morale in the department was low.

“Equally, there is no magic wand we can wave to improve the way people feel
about the Department,” Strathie added.

“We may not see much, if any, improvement in the next set of People Survey
results. These issues are deep-seated and will take time to turn round. With
your help, we can do that.”

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