Taking Stock – Andersen grows hidden garden.

TS found itself on an inter-city trundler last week as we made a trip outside the smoke.

As we often do, we soon drifted into a sort of half-sleep. But always alert – well, partially – we heard the words Arthur Andersen mentioned.

We then heard the details of AA’s redevelopment of its London HQ. As is well known, the project – comprising a #15m office block in the courtyard of Arundel Great Court – was started last November and is expected to be completed any time between April and August.

But most controversially, a lavish roof garden is on the agenda. Welcome news – particularly if the development in the courtyard eats up as much of the available light as expected.

However, Androids should not get their hopes up too much. According to those same whispers, staff will not be able to gain access to the garden.

Questions to Andersens throw up surprisingly little this week. But if anyone else can help out …

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