Bumper bonus is double the salary for LSE FD

The FD of the London Stock Exchange, Jonathan Howell, earned the maximum
performance-related bonus available at the company.

Howell’s bonus of £492,000 was double the value of his salary and pushed his
total pay package for the last year up to £778,000 from £595,000.

The LSE share price has benefited from a range of takeover proposals, which
has driven up the share price from 490p a year a go to more than double that
value 1097p, but according to The Times the share price increase was
not taken into account when calculating Howell’s remuneration.

The FD’s bonus was awarded on the basis of a 55% growth in adjusted earnings
per share and a 42% rise in adjusted operating profits.

‘Clearly it’s been an outstanding year; that translates into maximum awards,’
a LSE spokesman was quoted as saying.

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