Van Buitenen party to expose state of EU finances

Link: Whistleblower van Buitenen returns to the fold

Called Europa Transparant, and standing in his native Netherlands, the party had hoped to be boast the candidature of former commission chief accountant Marta Andreason, although she has now pulled out citing family reasons.

Nonetheless, the Dutch Commission official will be joined by University of Leiden financial forensics expert prof. Cees Schaap, a former public prosecutor.

Europa Transparant’s new website says Van Buitenen will continue his work to ‘expose the truth’ about European Union finances, as ‘the self-cleaning capacity of Europe appears to be absent,’ it notes.

At the slate’s first press conference, Van Buitenen said that Andreasen needed the support of her Barcelona-based family over her ongoing commission disciplinary proceedings and would have had to spend too much time in the Netherlands to lawfully join a Dutch party.

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