Ebusiness projects deliver strong returns

Link UK companies miss ebusiness boat

The findings were based on thousands of ROI studies by research firm Nucleus Research on behalf of companies including BT and Lockheed Martin.

According to Nucleus, companies that implement elearning systems for a modest five or six-figure investment typically save money in reduced travel costs, human resources overhead and regulatory compliance.

And ebusiness integration projects, based on technology such as Microsoft BizTalk Server and BEA WebLogic Integration, allow companies to get more out of their existing IT infrastructures both through internal and B2B integration.

The study showed that the platforms reduce costs, increase performance and generate new revenue streams that translate into increased corporate earnings.

In contrast, companies that have invested in marketplaces to attract new partners, such as ecommerce and B2B marketplaces, have found limited returns and would have been better off investing in specific integration strategies with key partners, the report said.

Companies that invest in large CRM projects are unlikely to achieve a positive ROI, the report found, because consulting and software costs outweigh returns and a long deployment process slows payback.

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