Baker Tilly puts Barrymore house up for sale

Link: Tax bill sees Barrymore file for bankruptcy

Barrymore, who is now living in New Zealand, filed for bankruptcy at the end of last month. His agent Chrissy Smith said the decision was the result of a ‘surprise’ tax bill accumulated over the past 10 years.

The sale of his home is being overseen by Louise Brittain, partner at the firm and trustee in bankruptcy to the troubled TV star. Brittain, who is also selling Barrymore’s customised 600cc Honda motorcycle, described the property as ‘absolutely beautiful’. ‘It is the main asset and we are calling to realise the maximum – in excess of £1m,’ she said.

The prospectus for the five-bedroom property, based in Roydon, Hertfordshire, describes a ‘heated pool complex with slate tiled surround … and a water feature comprising of three cascading shells’.

It makes no mention of the previous owner, nor the mansion’s infamous association with the untimely death of 31-year-old Stuart Lubbock, discovered floating in the ‘heated pool complex’ during a late-night party in 2001.

The coroner later returned an open verdict after failing to establish the cause of Lubbock’s death or serious injuries.

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