Revenue fraud and alcohol problems

It’s only a few hours until the bank holiday weekend truly kicks off and TS can’t wait. We’re so excited that we have already started, and only thing that would make it better would be if our local suddenly switched to a 24-hour licence.

Before you disappear off to enjoy the marvels of a three-day break, we though we’d let you know what we’ve been writing about this week, giving you the opportunity to look busy without actually doing anything.

It’s been a rough old week for the tax man, and this time its not his fault. The Inland Revenue has had a heap of trouble with people exploiting its good name. Obviously identity fraud is a big issue at the moment, especially with some credit card companies making a big deal of it, and the Rev seems to be an easy target for some.

First of all, ex pats have been targeted with letters claiming to be from the Revenue, aimed at swindling money out of them. Fortunately, TS is well up to speed on this issues and wouldn’t get caught out that way, at least, not any more.

Not only that, but one man managed to get close to a million pounds out of his employers by writing cheques to what his colleague thought was the tax man. They really should have looked at them a little bit closer.

Talking of tax, and those who dodge it, it seems student lifestyles are changing, and TS reckons it’s not for the better. You have to read this, it truly is astounding, and really should be a key election issues.

Booze problems are also hitting the pub chains, although the trouble at Wetherspoons could so easily have been avoided. The government may be trying to crack down on our vices for our own benefit, but think of the companies.

Anyway, that’s it. TS is off back to the pub now, and we’ll be staying there for the duration. Have a great May Day.

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