KPMG publishes first UK REITS guide

Investors in Real
Estate Investment Trusts
– the new form of listed property investment which
will be introduced into the UK in January 2007 – will be able to refer to a new
guide published by KPMG and Reita.

The guide is aimed at both professional advisers and private investors and
highlights the tax advantages of REITs compared with other more traditional
investment products.

According to KPMG, the guide shows how the net cash receipts from an
investment vary dramatically according to the type of shareholder and the
investment vehicle used.

Dave Butler, Reita programme coordinator, said: ‘The tax transparency of
REITs investment is very attractive when compared with other investment
vehicles, but it is complex and we feel both advisers and private investors will
benefit from this clear and simple guide. Tax should not be the first reason to
choose an investment, but with the increasing popularity of property investment,
the REIT tax advantages are good news for UK investors.’

The KPMG / Reita Tax Guide can be downloaded, free of charge, from

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