Warning of further internet attacks

Following the multimillion pound cost and widespread disruption of the notorious ‘I LOVE YOU!’ e-mail virus, experts from GFI have warned further problems are likely.

The bug cost businesses worldwide an estimated £1bn yesterday and an estimated 10% of UK businesses were hit.

But GFI CEO Nick Galea warned further trouble might be in store. ‘We are expecting a host of variants over the next few weeks. We have already discovered three new viruses based on the love letter virus’.

The only way to avoid infection from the virus is to block the scripts at e-mail server level. Yesterday’s virus was aimed at Windows applications, but it is feared the next wave could be more widespread.

‘Over the next few weeks, VB script as well as Windows Scripting host, Java scripts and HTML scripts could be infected,’ said Galea.

He added: ‘Anyone with basic knowledge of visual basic scripting can create such a virus. VBS viruses propagate fast and an outbreak of such a virus cripples organisations that cannot function without their email systems.

‘Variants could infect even those email users who are currently protected against the Love Letter virus.’

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