Brown’s adviser slams tax policy

Lord Bilimoria, the entrepreneur and adviser to Gordon Brown, has launched an
attack on government tax policy.

The founder of Cobra beer, who the prime minister made a ‘national champion’
for entrepreneurship when he was at the Treasury, has backed business protests
about tax and other issues.

‘I am sorry to say that, with all these changes, the government has without
consultation and often without having thought through these changes alienated
and upset virtually every part of the business community in this country,’
Financial Times reported
Lord Bilimoria saying.

‘There is talk of simplifying taxes, yet the tax burden has continually and
steadily increased.’

He added that the turnover of ministers at the department for business,
Enterprise and Regulatory Reform was a cause for concern. ‘Is the government
taking business seriously? The secretary of state for business should be one of
the great offices of states, but it is not.’

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