Sage customers targeted by NetSuite discounts

NetSuite, the accountancy software suppliers, has launched a deal targeting
Sage software customers looking to switch suppliers.

The IT company has said it looking to specifically target Sage Live customers
who were beta tested earlier this year. Sage Live is the technology company’s
software as a service package. It was supplied to approximately 50 customers to
test but was ended soon after introduction due to security concerns.

Toby Davidson, director of professional services, NetSuite said: ‘We believe
that there are many Sage customers out there who need the flexibility and
efficiencies a cloud-based software suite provides. This offer will help give
them the imperative they need to make the switch.’

NetSuite has said it will offer Sage customers 50% off their first year with
the company, 100 free hours of professional services when implementing data
transferring from Sage to NetSuite and will cover all Sage products.

Simon Black, managing director of Sage Online, said: ‘We continually innovate
and have recently established Sage Online which is a new division within our UK
business to focus on providing software and services over the internet. Sage
Live is one of a number of products in development.’

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