Europe proposes ID card for accountants

A key European Parliament (EP) committee has suggested creating a European Union (EU) professionals’ identity card, helping British accountants gain recognition for their skills across the EU.

Link: EU summit affects UK accountants’ work options

The EP internal market committee is considering proposed reforms to the EU’s directive on the mutual recognition of qualifications. This is supposed to ensure training and qualifications gained in one EU member state are recognised in another, but the legislation also allows top-up studies to ensure compliance with national rules.

And this procedure can be complicated for professional regulators and accountants alike. Simply the word ‘accountant’ has various meanings in Europe’s many languages.

The committee has proposed one body controls the mutual recognition of EU professional qualifications. And the cards: ‘They would contain information on the worker’s career (training, experience, professional penalties) and would speed up the exchange of information between country of origin and host country’, said the committee.

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