Quarter of IFAs have no insurance

Link: IFAs want easier access to indemnity cover

But he claimed in reply to a formal question in the Commons from Democratic Unionist MP Iris Robinson that the official figures may overstate the crisis.

Boateng said: ‘IFAs may be reluctant to confirm that they have PI cover until they have a policy document, even if they have agreed terms.

‘This means that the reported position can appear less positive than it is.’

Boateng said the FSA advised there are about 4,00O directly authorised firms of IFAs in the UK.

Two thousand eight hundred had been due to renew PI cover between September 2002 and April 2003 and over 1,950 had done so or been granted a waiver of the requirement to have PI.

He said: ‘The FSA is in discussion with other firms, and works with them to find a solution in light of their individual circumstances.’

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