Taking Stock – Accountants pay more for dinner.

We all know the world is not always a nice place.[QQ] In the big bad world there are people who have irrational fears and prejudices founded, not on reason, but on some arbitrary dislike or misapprehension. No one would believe that accountants would be the subject of such madness but an avid chartered reader thought he had come across just that while eating in a Dorset restaurant. On polishing off two bottles of wine and Dover sole our accountant was faced with the bill which had the bare faced cheek to declare ‘All accountants are subject to a 10% service charge’. Who would have thought being an accountant would end up costing you money? We wondered if the Poole hotel also had a segregation policy asking accountants to sit in a back room, while more acceptable customers are allowed to eat without suffering this appalling discrimination. Of course we ask why merchant bankers, lawyers, doctors, and that other great profession, estate agents, are not accorded the same privilege. Hang on though! It seems it was all in error. The bill should have read ‘all accounts’ not accountants! It’s just a typographical blunder. And our friend who received the obnoxious bill? ‘The hotel is brilliant and the food superb. I telephoned about the bill and they said it wasn’t meant to read accountant. However, they were rather perturbed,’ he says. All’s well that ends well. But really, estate agents should be paying 20% and eating in the yard. Thank you.

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